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Welcome to my Home Page!

If you’re looking for abstract or illustration art, I offer original artwork and prints! I also have fiction, poetry, and other writing, if you need to decompress.

I’ve included a few of my favorite links below, or you can check out my Menu for more. Stay a while and enjoy!

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The Gathering - abstract painting of a bonfire
The Gathering – Bleach, Oil Paint, Dyed Canvas

“Alternate Supermassive” is now available as a sticker too!
“Alternate Supermassive” Sticker – Shop Here

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Reasons you may want to subscribe to my Patreon:

  • Starting at $3.00 you can support my work and get access to Patreon Exclusive Perks.
  • I have Art Mail subscription tiers starting at only $5.00 per month!

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Impossible Things by J.M. Elam - Let ,me tell you a story..

You can now read my short story Impossible Things for Free on Vocal!

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