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About J.M. Elam


J.M. Elam is an artist and writer in Louisville, Kentucky. She graduated from IUS with a BFA in painting in 2012. Often specializing in abstract art, she also writes articles, fiction, and poetry.

Pronouns: She/her/any

Artist Statement: 
The mind interprets what it sees.

When the mind comes into contact with the unknown, it tries to relate it to the known. Similarly, when you see something abstracted or non-representational, your mind assimilates it into something representational. It wants everything to make sense. Consider clouds or inkblots. Your mind draws from your memories and experiences to reform an image into the familiar.

Ideas can change our perspectives.

Stories, parables, and metaphors of all kinds encourage the mind to dig into its storehouse. But you’ll only receive what you’re ready to receive. Our perspectives frame what we understand as well as what we see.

Our perspectives can change what we see.

Amazingly the interpretations grow as you do. Years later, a painting or a book means something entirely different. We are changed by what we see, read, and experience. But these things are also changed by how we see them.

About My Mission: 

My hope is that you connect to my work, on a personal level. I want my work (whether that is in my art or my writing) to enrich your life.

Inspiration and learning can be found anywhere if we’re looking for it. I would like to encourage others as I grow myself. But if what you need is to feel better and my work can give you that, I’m satisfied. 

Never underestimate the value of feeling better. It can reveal the solutions that you were blind to, in your burnout. I hope to meet you where you are with my work. Along the way, I want to give you something that you need. 

  • To be communicative and transparent with all of my clients.
  • I desire growth and learning in all aspects of my life.
  • To be teachable and correct errors as soon as possible.

Honors and awards

2012 Distinction, Bachelor Fine Art, Indiana University

2009 Preston Arts Center Award, IUS Juried Student Art Show, New Albany, In

Solo exhibitions and installations

2020 – Present

Black Rabbit, St Matthews, Louisville, Ky

Equus and Jack’s, St Matthews, Louisville, Ky


The Bard’s Town, Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Ky


The Coffee Zone, Herr Lane, Louisville, Ky


The Bard’s Town, Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Ky

Quill’s Coffee, Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Ky  

Day’s Espresso and Coffee Bar, Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Ky


The Bard’s Town, Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Ky


Starbucks, Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, Ky



Chris& Daniel& Jessica& Philip, BFA senior show, Ronald Barr Gallery, New Albany, In


Clean Fossils: Organic Conversations of Fragility and Undecided Cathartic Sentiment with Awareness of Hierarchal Spatial Interconnectivity, BFA senior show, New Albany, In

The Bristol, Louisville, Ky


The Bristol, Louisville, Ky

El Día de Los Muertos, Ronald Barr Gallery, New Albany, In


Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Ronald Barr Gallery, New Albany, In


Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Ronald Barr Gallery, New Albany, In


Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Ronald Barr Gallery, New Albany, In 


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