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Welcome to my Art Portfolio! Browse to view previous abstract and illustration artwork.

Art Portfolio

The Gathering - abstracted bonfire painting with surrounding stones.
The Gathering | Bleach, oil paint, and dyed canvas
“Supermassive” - purple and gold abstract painting
Supermassive | Bleach, oil paint, and dyed canvas
“Wind and Sea” - blue, yellow, and white abstracted landscape
Wind and Sea | Oil Painting on Canvas | 6×6
Memories - cream and red abstracted landscape painting
Memories | Bleach, oil paint, and dyed canvas
Alternate Supermassive - cream, blue, and purple abstract art
Alternate Supermassive | print exclusive
Print exclusive image of “Dandelion Wine” - a bottle of glimmering wine over a floral background.
Print-Exclusive image for “Dandelion Wine”
Red Skies - tiny ship sails on a wide sea at twilight
Print-Exclusive image for “Red Skies”

Abstract Art Portfolio

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The Bridge - red and cream abstract painting
The Bridge | bleach, dyed canvas, and oil paint
Inside the Vortex Painting - Shop or view in Art Portfolio
Inside the Vortex | Acrylic, oil paint, and encaustic
Emerging Vortex - mixed media painting
Emerging Vortex | Mixed Media
Volcanic - red, blue, and gold abstract art
Volcanic | Mixed Media
Yggdrasil (NFS) - green and gold abstract painting
Yggdrasil | bleach, dyed canvas, oil paint
Untitled Commission - green and silver abstract artwork
Untitled (NFS)
dyed canvas, bleach, encaustic, and oil paint

Tattoo Design Portfolio

Tattoo designs are for portfolio purposes only. (NFS)

Skulls (art portfolio only)
Skulls Tattoo Design
Tattoo design of a rose and aster flower
Rose and Aster Tattoo Design


Beneath the River - little fish swim at the bottom of a river
Beneath The River
Built From Dreams - abstract whale painting
Built From Dreams

If you’re interested in browsing more of my Illustration Artwork, check out my Illustration Portfolio!

Pattern Design

Fragmented – Ink and bleach on black Arches Cover paper.

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