J.M. Elam F.A.Q.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here in my F.A.Q. page, go ahead and contact me directly.

Artist F.A.Q.

Website Accessibility

  • Email me feedback or for help with any accessibility issues at elam.jessicam@gmail.com
  • Please read my Website Accessibility Statement for more information.

Do you sell prints?

Yes! I sell Canvas Prints, Giclée Fine Art Prints and more! Check out my available prints in my Art Store.

Do you design tattoos?

I do! If you scroll down below, you’ll see more information on commissions.

How can I purchase an Original?

Some original artwork is available for purchase in my Art Shop.

Do you create illustrations?

I do! Contact me for a commission consultation, using the link below!

Do you take commissions?

I do!

  • Commissions and installations of all kinds require a consultation.
    • Consultations are typically 15-30 minutes and can be held over the phone or video chat.
  • The price is currently $1.00 per square inch + tax (and shipping if applicable).
  • I require a non-refundable downpayment.
    • You’ll pay half before I start and the final payment before delivery/shipping.
    • For instance, if the piece is $100.00, then you pay $50.00 for me to begin and $50.00 before the painting is shipped.
  • For more information, please check out my Commission Custom Artwork page.

Do you frame your artwork?

I do not typically frame my work, and framing is not included in the cost.

  • Paintings – I paint the sides of my canvas, so the piece is intended to be unframed. If you still prefer to have it framed, you’re more than welcome to do so after you receive your piece. All paintings come ready to hang.
  • Drawings or flat prints – I do not typically frame them, but you can pay extra if you would prefer for me to frame the piece in advance.
  • There may be exceptions where the piece is already framed. If this is the case, then the price will include the framing as is.
How can I pay?
  • I currently accept Paypal, Venmo, and credit card payments.
  • I do not accept checks.
When do I pay?
  • Prints – You’ll pay when you make your order.
  • Commissions – You can pay half before I start and half on completion.
  • Previously completed originals – You’ll pay when you place your order.
Do you offer discounts?
  • When you sign-up for my Newsletter, you’ll get updates on art sales and a one-time coupon code just for joining.
  • Most of my Patreon subscriber tiers offer a monthly discount code, in addition to other perks.
Where can I read reviews of your work or leave feedback?
  • Now that my Store is open, you’ll be able to read reviews and leave feedback on the products themselves.
  • You can read recent on my website.
  • You can read review posted on my Facebook Page.

You’re more than welcome to email or private message me with feedback.

However, I’ll only include verifiable reviews on my Reviews page. This means reviews that have been pulled from a public source, such as any of my social media or product reviews.

Do you ship your artwork outside of the U.S.?

Currently, I don’t. I’ll update this F.A.Q. page as soon as that changes!

What is your shipping policy?

I’m currently offering flat-rate shipping. If you are local to Louisville, Kentucky then there may also be FREE personal delivery options.

Shipping and delivery time can range from 1 to 4 weeks.

What is your return policy?

Currently, all sales are final. Please see, Terms and Conditions.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes! I have started selling Gift Cards through PayPal. You can buy one in my Art Store.

Did I answer your question?

If you don’t see your question or need further clarification, please contact me.

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