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You Are Not The Imposter - Read on Medium

Don’t listen to the voice that says you’re not enough, that you’re the imposter. You aren’t the imposter.

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A New Year Every Day

Every New Year’s Day, it feels like we have a fresh start. But what if we could start a New Year every day? There might be a way. Click to read now!

Spillwords Press

You can now read my latest stories, published on Spillwords Press.


You can now read my Reedsy Prompts Short Stories.

Snowdrifts and Echoes

“There is something about the snow here. It may come down softly at first, but it can transform into a full blizzard in little time at all. The last time I’d checked, the snow had been a speck on the horizon. Now the snowflakes looked closer to golf balls.”

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The Great Migration
The Great Migration

“I had dreamed of flying and falling all night. I wondered if that was what it would feel like, all at once exhilarating and terrifying.”

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Enjoy my latest Vocal articles, fiction, and poetry!

The Agreement - you can read the short story now on Vocal!

If you could make anything happen, what would you write onto the void?

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Things might seem heavy, but even the smallest sparks in the darkness can save us.

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Surviving Seasonal Depression in 2020 - Writing Portfolio

If you want to expand your self-care tools, you might enjoy this article. These are some of my favorite self-care routines.

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The Moth - Blog Post

You can read my poem, The Moth on Booksie.

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The Chaos of Kindness

The Chaos of Kindness

The world was chaos, but there were two things they could control: What they forgave and the kindness that they gave. Chaos is disorder, unexpected, and disruptive. They learned that kindness was its own brand of chaos. It shifted the probabilities, revealing the hidden possibilities in their wake. So much of life hinges on tinyContinue reading “The Chaos of Kindness”

Check out my book review for "Unsaid" by Asmita Rajiv

Unsaid: Book Review

I hope you enjoy my book review of “Unsaid” by Asmita Rajiv. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. Let me know what you thought of my review and what you thought of her book! We all see things differently, which makes it extra special when we’re able to see things similarly.Continue reading “Unsaid: Book Review”

Identity - A Short Story of The Self


My identity was as much a mystery as where I was or how I got here. A deep buzzing sounded, vibrating through my bones. Even breathing made me dizzy in the thin air. Small rocks pressed into my back, but otherwise, the ground was somewhat soft, like sand or powder. I tried to sit up,Continue reading “Identity”

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