I created 31 paintings in 31 days, and you should too.

Last month I participated in Inktober, an art-prompt challenge to create and post a drawing with ink every day of October. And wow, did I learn a lot! I created 31 paintings in 31 days, and this is why you should too. Next time, I want to do a couple of things differently. First of all,Continue reading “I created 31 paintings in 31 days, and you should too.”

The Chaos of Kindness

The world was chaos, but there were two things they could control: What they forgave and the kindness that they gave. Chaos is disorder, unexpected, and disruptive. They learned that kindness was its own brand of chaos. It shifted the probabilities, revealing the hidden possibilities in their wake. So much of life hinges on tinyContinue reading “The Chaos of Kindness”

Snowdrifts and Echoes

*”Snowdrifts and Echoes” was written in response to a Reedsy.com prompt: “Write about two people going sledding for the first time in many years.” Authors note: As a writing exercise, I tried incorporating all five Reedsy Prompts for the week. My other inspiration was memories. Sometimes they are like echoes, and other times they buildContinue reading “Snowdrifts and Echoes”

In Case You Missed It: Excerpts

I wanted to share some excerpts of my latest writing.

If something interests you, I included links to read more.

Featuring: The Forest, The Great Migration, Surviving Seasonal Depression, and The Moth.