The Chaos of Kindness

Title: The Chaos of Kindness

The world was chaos, but there were two things they could control:

What they forgave and the kindness that they gave.

Chaos is disorder, unexpected, and disruptive.

They learned that kindness was its own brand of chaos.

It shifted the probabilities, revealing the hidden possibilities in their wake.

So much of life hinges on tiny things.

These are the types of chaos that create miracles, intercessions from accepted doom.

Timelines shift and shudder.

Like a wave through the ocean, it builds and corrects.

They couldn’t change the whole world,

But they could be the brush of wind against water.

They could be the pebble that caused the ripples.

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You can read the full poem, "The Chaos of Kindness" for FREE on J.M. Elam's Blog.
You can read the full poem, “The Chaos of Kindness” for FREE on J.M. Elam’s Blog.

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